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Frequently Asked Questions

The Houston Driving School wants to make sure you are comfortable taking lessons with us. Below are a list of common questions people ask about our services. If your question or concern is not addressed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Questions
Teen Driver Education Questions
Adult Driver Education Questions

General Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: The Houston Driving School has three locations to serve you:

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    Hillcroft & Richmond
    3201 Hillcroft St. Ste. 3201 - F
    Houston, TX 77057

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    Chimney Rock and West Bellfort
    11303 Chimney Rock Suite 100
    Houston, TX 77035

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    Spring Branch
    Long Point Rd. & Bingle Rd
    8561 Long Point Rd. Ste. 209
    Houston, TX 77055

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can contact the Houston Driving School by coming to see us in person, calling our office at 713-551-2073 or sending us an email at .

Q: Are my online transactions with your website secure?

A: Your credit card payments with us are 100% secure. We use Authorize.net as our payment gateway to process your credit/debit card transactions. Authorize.Net uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions; Fraud Detection Suite™ (FDS); Address Verification Services (AVS); and Card Code Verification (CCV) to ensure the safety of your transaction. Please contact us if you have any questions about the safety of your transaction with Houston Driving School. Also remember, that you are welcome to pay for all services in person at one of our office locations with cash or a personal check.

Q: What is your returned check policy?

A: Personal Checks not honored by your bank will be subject to a $25 charge. You will not be able to schedule driving lessons or attend class until payment for the services and the returned check fee is paid.

Q: Why is there a surcharge for gasoline?

A: Rising gas prices have greatly increased our operating costs. Because a typical 2-hour driving session uses approximately 1/4 of a tank of gas, we are adding an additional $6 per 2-hour driving session to help cover the rising costs of fuel.

Teen Driver Education Questions

Q: Do teens need to take a driver's education course?

A: Persons under 18 years of age must take an official driver's education course as required by the State of Texas to obtain a driver's license. Persons over 18 can obtain an instructional permit by passing a written exam and then obtain a driver's license after taking a driving test with a state trooper at the DPS. To avoid any confusion please visit the Texas Department of Public Safety to answer any other questions regarding the laws of obtaining a driver license for your teen in Texas.

Q: Where do I take the permit test?

A: You can take the permit test at the Department of Public Safety or with the Houston Driving School.

Q: I already took the classroom portion of the driver's education program at another school, can I take behind-the-wheel instruction only?

A: Yes, Houston Driving School allows you to take just the driving portion of the class. Students can begin scheduling driving times when they present their completed classroom record and transfer the DE-964 certificate over to the Houston Driving School.

Q: What is your refund policy for teen driver's education?

A: Refund computations will be based on actual instruction received through the last date of attendance. The effective date of the termination for refund purposes will be the earliest of the following: (a) the last day of attendance, if the student is terminated by the school; (b) the date of receipt of written notice from the student; or (c) the 10th school day following the last day of attendance. If tuition is collected in advance of entrance and, ** if after the expiration of the 72-hour cancellation privilege, the student does not enter school, terminates enrollment, or withdraws, the school may retain up to $75 as administrative expenses; and, from the remainder, shall refund that portion of the classroom tuition and fees and behind-the-wheel tuition and fees for services not previously received by the student. Refunds for items of extra expense to the student, including instructional supplies, books, laboratory fees, service charges, rentals, deposits, and all other such ancillary miscellaneous charges, will be made within 30 days after the effective date of enrollment termination if these items are stated separately and shown as part of the data furnished the student before enrollment. A full refund of all tuition and fees is due and refundable in each of the following cases: (a) when an enrollee is not accepted by the school; (b) if the course of instruction is discontinued by the school at this location; or (c) if the student's enrollment was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials of the school, or misrepresentation by the owner or representation of the school. Refunds shall be completed within 30 days after the effective date of termination.

Q: How many days are in the classroom portion of this course?

A: There are 16 days (32 hours) in the classroom portion. The class runs 5 days per week for 3 weeks. See the Teens page for more information about the class schedule.

Q: How long is the class per day?

A: Each class is 2 hours long.

Q: What time are the classes?

A: See the Teens page for the most current schedule.

Q: How long is the driving portion of the course and when can I schedule my driving lessons?

A: The driving portion is a total of 14 hours (7 hours driving and 7 hours observing). Driving lessons can be scheduled concurrently with the classroom portion as soon as the student has received his learner's permit.

Q: What times can I schedule driving lessons?

A: Driving lessons can be scheduled seven days a week, before or after class, as the student's and instructor's schedules permit. Once a student has registered for the driving education course, made full payment, and received his learner's permit, he can schedule his driving appointments either online or by phone.

Q: What age can teens start the program?

A: Teen as early as 15 years old can register for the driving education course.

Q: What should I do if I miss some of the classroom portion of the course?

A: Missed classes can be made up by attending the class during the same day at a different time (if available) or attending the missed class during the next course.

Q: Can I make partial payments for the Teen Full Driver's Education Course?

A: Yes. We will accept a deposit of $150 for to enroll in the course and get started. However, the instructional permit and certificate of completion will not be issued until full payment is made.

Adult Driver Education Questions

Q: I am 18 years old and want to get my driver's license. I was told that I might have to take a 6-hour adult driver education class. Do they mean a defensive driving class?

A: Texas law requires people ages 18 to 25 who wish to obtain a driver’s license to successfully complete a six hour driver education course exclusively for adults or a complete a teen driver education course (32 hours of classroom, 7 hours behind-the-wheel, 7 hours observation). A six hour defensive driving course is specifically for ticket dismissal purposes and/or an insurance discount. It cannot be used for this purpose.

Q: Do adults 25 or over have to take the 6-hour adult driver education class?

A: No, adults 25 or over are not required to take driver education. In order to obtain a license; however, adults 25 or over must pass a written test over the Texas Driver's Handbook and an eye exam to obtain a driving permit. Once a permit is obtained, you must pass a driving test with a State Trooper at the DPS office in order to obtain your final license.

Q: What is the 6-hour adult driver education class about?

A. The driver education course exclusive for adults includes information on alcohol and drug awareness; traffic laws; highway signs, signals, and markings that regulate, warn, or direct traffic; and issues commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents, including poor decision-making, risk taking, impaired driving, distraction, speed, failure to use a safety belt, driving at night, failure to yield the right-of-way, and using a wireless communication device while operating a vehicle.

Q. That sounds like a Drug and Driving Alcohol Awareness Program (DADAP) course which I took a couple of weeks ago. I received a certificate for an insurance discount when I finished the course. Can I use that certificate to get my license?

A. No. A six hour DADAP course may not be used for this purpose.

Q. Will I receive a certificate the same day I finish?

A. Yes. The Houston Driving School will give you a certificate which must be presented to the Department of Public Safety when you submit your application for a permit or driver's license.

Q: How do I prepare for the permit test?

A: You can study the Texas Driver Handbook on your own or enroll in our 6-hour adult driver education class. Check the schedule on the Adults page for more information. You can take both the permit test and the eye exam at our office.

Q: How do I prepare for the driving test?

A: To prepare for the driving test students are encouraged to take driving lessons with us. We will work around your schedule! See the Adults page for more information.