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Ready to take your DPS Road Test? Take it with us and skip the lines at the DPS.

We also offer pre-test preparation. Our certified instructors will spend time with you and help you to properly prepare for the test. We have found that this greatly increases the driver’s score, and we have an almost 100% PERFECT passing rate! 

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    Test Taken at Hillcroft Driving Center

    If you choose to use your own vehicle for the DPS road test, you must come to our Hillcroft - Houston Driving center at: 3201 Hillcroft St. Ste. 3201 - F

    You can do your DPS road test at our local Hillcroft - Houston Driving Center, or at your local DPS with a certified Houston Driving School instructor and training vehicle.

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    Where is the DPS you will be testing at?

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    Want one of our certified instructors to work with you and refresh your memory before taking the test?

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Already have your driving permit and need to pass the DPS road test to get your license? Take the test with us! Not only do you get to skip the DPS lines, but we also provide a certified instructor to help refresh your memory and ensure that you pass.

IMPORTANT Information:

  • if you choose to test at the DPS, call us directly to schedule and let us know the DPS location. NOTE - there is an extra mileage surcharge per test for the following DPS locations: Pasadena ($35), Rosenberg ($35), Vantage ($35), North Mega Center ($35), Humble ($50), Conroe ($70), Woodlands ($70), and Spring/Cypress ($70)

  • test prep is $55 in addition to the car rental service

  • payments must be made in advance

  • to use our car, you must have at least 1 Session (2 hours) of driving lessons or any classes with us

  • for DPS test, 3 business days notice required and you must arrive at least 1 hour prior to your DPS appointment

  • if testing with us, same day scheduling is possible depending on availability; you must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

  • test prep includes a professional instructor explaining the scoring system and taking you through the entire test route (Parallel Parking included). You will be behind the wheel, one on one with our instructor to brush-up your skills before testing In the vehicle of your preference

  • NOTE - pick up/drop off services are not available if testing at our office

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