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The driver education industry is rapidly growing and in need of instructors who are looking for a way to earn extra money while giving back to the community. The level of instruction is demanding, but all families and roadway users in Texas deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that new drivers are being taught by well trained and well prepared instructors. The instructor certification process includes a significant time commitment outside of classroom instruction.

Basic Requirements

  • Age 21+
  • 5+ years driving experience with valid driver’s license
  • Minimum of high school diploma or GED
  • Provide a Driver Record – Type 3A
  • Provide fingerprints to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English

All in-class instruction is provided at our Chimney Rock location.





  • Certification for in-car instruction of teens and adults
  • Training phases I & II required

  • Certification for classroom and in-car instruction of teens and adults under the supervision of a DET
  • Training phases I, II, & III required

  • Certification for independent classroom and in-car instruction of teens and adults
  • Must have valid Texas Teacher’s Certification
  • Training phases I, II, and III required




Training Phase I Course Content

  • 18 hours direct classroom instruction
  • 11 hours independent study (completed outside the classroom)
  • 16 hours live classroom observation

Training Phase II Course Content

  • 11 hours direct classroom instruction
  • 2 hours of assessment of trainee's driving skills
  • 8 hours of trainee observation of in-car teaching techniques
  • 2 hours of practice of the Instructor Risk Management / Emergency Procedures (ex: taking control of the vehicle)
  • 14 hours of in-car trainee student teaching
  • 2 hours of trainee in-car teaching final assessment
  • 7 hours of independent study (completed outside the classroom)

Training Phase III Course Content

  • 11 hours of direct classroom instruction
  • 10 hours of observation of classroom teaching techniques
  • 18 hours of student teaching in the classroom under the supervision
  • 6 hours of independent study (completed outside of the classroom)


  • All course fees must be paid in full in advance to begin.
  • You must complete Phases I & II in order to get the minimum required certification (TA). Phase I alone is not sufficient.
  • All work required for Phase I must be complete before starting Phase II. Similarly all work for Phase II must be complete before starting Phase III.
  • You may attend classroom sessions for Phase II after completing the classroom sessions for Phase I. It is not necessary to complete the independent study portion of Phase I prior to attending the classroom portion of Phase II. Similarly, you may attend classroom sessions for Phase III after completing the classroom sessions for Phase II.
  • Instructor applications can be found here

The 'Fine' Print

All driver education instructor applicants must provide a driver record - type 3A and fingerprints to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Each applicant will be required to pay additional fees related to obtaining their license, criminal history, and fingerprinting fees. These fees are paid directly to the state of Texas, and are NOT included in your course fees.


  • Application fee of $50 payable to TDLR
  • License fee of $25 payable to TDLR

More information about the fingerprint requirements may be found here.

If a driver education new or renewal instructor application has already been submitted to the Driver Training office and initial licensing fees paid, notice will be provided directly to the applicant via U.S. mail. You will also receive instructions on any additional requirements which must be submitted to complete the application process. If not received within 90 days from the date of the initial letter, the instructor application process will be terminated. Any individual whose application has been terminated must submit new application materials and fees to apply for a license in the future. More information can be found here.

Additional information

Phase Selection

Phases I & II, Phase III, Phase I, II, & III


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