TEEN Driving Lessons (ONLY) 14hr Behind-The-Wheel

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14hr of Behind-The-Wheel driving with a certified instructor. This program is designed for students that have already completed their 32hr class. Whether they completed it with another driving school, online, parent-taught, or in their local high school, they can transfer to complete driving hours with Houston Driving School.


Late Cancellation / No-Shows will be charged a $35.00 FEE!

Recently new laws for teens require students do an additional 30 hours of driving instruction administered by parents or guardians. If you not have the time or patience to deal with this requirement…for $40 an hour (driving only, no observation) Houston Driving School will help your teen complete this program.

If you decide to administer these hours on your own, below is the required curriculum and paperwork you need to get started:

If you have already completed the 32-hour classroom requirement, either a parent-taught program, online, or through another school, you can still enroll with Houston Driving School for 14-hour behind the wheel instruction.

This program does not include the classroom and is ONLY designed to help students complete their 14hr Behind-The-Wheel Driving with a certified instructor.

This program also includes the use of our training vehicles, gasoline, and a certified driving instructor.

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